About Xela 

The Xela Pack journey began back in 1967 when Gentile Packaging Machinery (GPM) was formed by Aliseo Gentile. In 1987, he and his wife Cathy then launched a new contract packaging company called Genpack USA and in 1994, long before the current wave of anti-plastic sentiment, they decided to focus solely on this more sustainable, less wasteful kind of packaging and changed the name to Xela Pack.

Xela Pack, which is based in Saline, Michigan, focuses on small-dose or multi-dose packaging between 5ml and 30ml. The packets are made predominantly from recycled paper, use approximately 93% less plastic than similar-sized bottles and tubes and take up around 20% less space than plastic bottles. They can be used for liquids, powders, tablets and granulated products and are used in a range of sectors, including food, natural health, dietary supplements, oral care, cosmetics, hotels and cruises, and pharmaceuticals.

Xela Oceania was formed from a chance meeting at a USA tradeshow which Jason Shaw and Paul Zaloum attended 2019. They were so impressed with Xela Pack’s long-standing reputation for small dose packaging and believed they would also be sought after by in New Zealand and Oceania. They have recently taken delivery of the latest Xela machine which has been set up in a purpose built clean room and temperature controlled environment in their premises in Albany, Auckland. With their own considerable experience in machinery and production in NZ, plus being able to call on Xela Pack’s 30-plus years of experience with small dose packaging – they have plenty of confidence that Xela Pack is about to become a big part of the move to more environmentally friendly small dose packaging.